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The most important thing about your wedding day is YOU. So what do brides that work with Katey Penton Photography look like?

  • First and most important- They are not just excited about their wedding day, they are excited about the commitment that they are making that day. Marriage is awesome, and the commitment you will be making on your wedding day is a life-long adventure. My brides view this as a sacred commitment!
  • They are sweet and romantic
  • They are head over heels in love, that ooey gooey mushy kind of love
  • They have bold styles and unique dreams for their big day
  • They are not afraid to laugh/cry/dance/act silly on their wedding day and in front of the camera
  • They are looking forward to being surrounded by friends and family that love them on their wedding day
  • They value the “tangibles” that come from their wedding day (and don’t just want a disc of images that will collect dust in their desk drawer)

Don’t just settle for a wedding photographer because of price or convenience. Find a photographer that matches who you are and what you need! Your photographer should compliment you, not just be another check on your to-do list.

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